Almost Dior: America’s Stamp On The New Look

In February 1947, Christian Dior’s first major collection hit the runway in what has become one of the most important events in fashion history. The New Look, as it was referred to, was made up of long, full skirts with a nipped-in waist, rounded shoulders and exaggerated bust lines. This look became the predominant fashion aesthetic for the following decade. The appeal in the swish of long skirts and the allure of curvaceous shapes did not come without a high price though.

‘Almost Dior: America’s Stamp On The New Look’, shows American designers and manufactures from the 1950’s such as, Ceil Chapman, Suzy Perette and Dan Millstein, who began producing affordable versions of the Parisian designs. These quality interpretations could be found in regular department stores or boutiques, thus on a slim budget of fifty or sixty dollars someone in America could emulate the look of a glamorous Parisienne.

Photography by Zandy Mangold

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