Looking at the Labels

After working as an assistant in the art department at Mademoiselle Betsey Johnson was hired as one of the designers for the popular Paraphernalia boutique in 1965. In the following years her designs were worn by style setters such as actresses Julie Christie and Brigitte Bardot, model Twiggy, and Edie Sedgwick.
Betsey spent 5 years at Paraphernalia, and she recalls that during that phase of her life, she had free reign to design whatever it was that she liked.
From 1970-1974 Betsey Johnson designed for Alley Cat, a junior sportswear company. She had full creative control, designing everything from the textiles used in her designs to the accompanying shoes. Like her clientele, Johnson was aware that strict fashion rules had fallen by the wayside in favor of a more eclectic approach to fashion.
In 1978, revived by the punk movement, Betsey Johnson partnered with ex-model Chantal Bacon, whom she met while designing children’s clothes in 1975, to start their own company, the Betsey Johnson label.

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