Collection: Shopping the Manhattan Vintage Show with Refinery 29


SHOP THIS AMAZING VINTAGE COLLECTION CURATED BY ANNIE GEORGIA GREENBERG & CHRISTENE BARBERICH OF REFINERY 29 FOR 4 DAYS ONLY. As big fans of vintage and all things fashion, we could not think of a better pair to curate a preview collection for the upcoming Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. Annie, the Style Editor, and Christene, the Editor-in-chief, had a specific vision when they browsed the collections of Gypsy Nation Vintage, Maeven, Dated Vintage, Lofty Vintage and Daybreak in their downtown office, Spring! Browse the selections which include Rudi Gernreich, Issey Miyake, lots of spring dresses and even a little bit of rock n roll.

All purchased items will be shipped immediately.