Moschino Couture! Bullseye Skirt

Label: Moschino Couture

Condition: good used condition, a few tiny marks on white trim near front of hem, slight bleeding of black color onto white section near front of hem

Material: 55% acetate, 45% rayon

Country of Manufacture: Italy

Size: 6 US


   Waist: 13.5" (laid flat)

   Hips: 17.5" (laid flat)

   Total Length: 22"

   Circumference at Hem: 32"

Additional Info:
Late 1980s or early 1990s appliqued bullseye skirt with stars by Moschino Couture
Intricate detailed appliques with a star on the front and dartboards on the hips with lines connecting each shape

Vendor: James Veloria

Items will ship after the exhibition on October 21 & 22

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