#Exposed #LaceCrochetMacrame: Self-portraits by Laura McLaws Helms

Everywhere today, from the runway to the street, this technique of exposing skin through fabric that started over 100 years ago, is having a resurgance. Starting in the Victorian era as handmade art that was meant to be sexy as well as sophisticated; lace, crochet, and macrame is one of fashions most enduring styles. Our intent with 'Exposed' is to show how the technique has remained through decade after decade of new trends. And who better to help show off the collection than Laura McLaws Helms, a fashion historian and avid vintage collector, who has an amazing way of making classic styles look current. The collection will be available to view and purchase online starting April 3rd, and exhibited along with Laura's self-portaits at the show April 19th & 20th. 

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