“Who Invented The Minidress?!”

Photography by Rose Callahan

- As fashion history best tells it, Mary Quant first saw ladies on the street in London, in the mid sixties, with the hemlines on their skirts sneaking up the leg. In turn, her designs did the same! Around the same time in France, Andre Courreges was designing his futuristic minidresses dangerously above the knee! Whomever the inventor, or whoever has innovated, only rule when wearing a mini is; cover your butt! 

Original sixties minidreeses and accessories from BUISandWHISTLES, Daybreak Vintage, Phenix Vintage & Designer, Tea Street Vintage, & VintEdge

Hair by Takuya Yamaguchi / Makeup by Ahbi Nishman / model Sonia T (APM New York)

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