Fargo, New York 1979

Curated and photographed by Laura Okita, a New York based photographer, stylist, and model who specializes in everything vintage. You might also know her on social media @papermothballvintage and her amazing self-portraits and authentically vintage but modern photo shoots. This collection is inspired by the new TV show Fargo which is set in 1979, this is her take on that fashion with a stylized New York City twist.

Fargo, New York 1979

Oh, this is going to be a doozy, you betcha! In preparation for the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show on Feb 5 and 6, New York-based photographer/stylist/model Laura Okita has launched a curated online preview sale of clothes based on the second season of FX’s show, Fargo. Called “New York, 1979” (which seems like it also might double as costumes for HBO’s upcoming Vinyl), the collection features model Lucy Ageeva. Laura answered some questions for us How were you... Continue Reading


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