Shop Manhattan Vintage: Vintage Versace

A special curated collection of vintage Versace designs for both men and women, with labels such as Gianni Versace Couture, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Jeans Signature, and Versace Versus. For a short time only, these items will be in a special exhibition featuring Versace designs at the October 23rd & 24th Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.

Tennessee Thomas Capsule Collection

"It's important to reclaim objects which already exist, and be inspired by them. I've been a regular customer at Manhattan Vintage Show for many years so this is really exciting for me!" "My collection for Manhattan Vintage embodies that moment, in the late sixties, when politics, activism, music & the arts were reflected in the aesthetic of the fashion of the time. I'm currently inspired by the transition from Mod culture to the more psychedelic hippie and activist... Continue Reading

Housing Works Donation Discount

We are happy to continue our partnership with the New York City based charity Housing Works. With the hope of encouraging donations, we...


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